What Is a Yacht Race?

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A yacht race is an event in which boats are sailed competitively. The race organizers will usually dictate what types of crafts can be used for the race, and the boats must feature sails as the propulsion method. Courses for a yacht race can vary in difficulty and length, and the boaters participating in such a race must often be quite experienced in order to sail safely and quickly. Different classes of races are possible to accommodate ability level and ship design as well.

Smaller crafts such as dinghies and skiffs are usually raced on lakes, ponds, or other enclosed bodies of water. While these crafts are generally not referred to as yachts, they are technically yachts and therefore can take part in a yacht race. Much larger boats are more commonly called yachts, and they are generally raced on open water like oceans or very large lakes. A yacht race can be held in different formats: most are designed to test the boater's steering abilities, speed production, and so on, while other races may focus on the boater's ability to navigate.


A point to point yacht race is one in which boats are sailed across large expanses of open water. Some races will even take boaters around the world, though most races are not quite that extensive. Yacht racing can be especially difficult and dangerous because of the length of the race as well as the variable weather boaters are likely to encounter throughout the course of the yacht race. It is not uncommon for boats to become lost at sea, to capsize, or to simply become incapacitated for any variety of reasons. Many boaters will be forced to drop out of the race long before the finish. The sport is inherently dangerous, and boaters are at risk of drowning, becoming hypothermic, suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, and so on.

Multi-day and multi-week race winners are determined by who finishes the entire course the fastest, though in some cases, finishing times are adjusted according to the type of boat being raced. Some boat designs are faster, while others are more maneuverable. Boaters can often determine beforehand what kind of handicap they will receive based on the type of boat they have chosen. The rules of a specific race will vary, and boats can become disqualified for violating established rules of the race or the governing body of that race.


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Post 7

@starrynight - Ah, America. Everyone can participate in a potentially dangerous and life threatening sport!

Yacht racing sounds kind of ridiculous to me. Why would you risk your life just to participate in a race. I mean, I suppose I could see participating in a smaller scale race if you had a yacht. But across the entire world? No thank you!

Post 6

Dinghies and skiffs are much less expensive than traditional yachts. If they can participate in yacht races, this means yacht races aren't only for the rich!

And it seems like dinghies, skiffs, and traditional yachts all race on equal footing. As the article said, they account for the different types of boats when they decide who won the race. It seems like the faster boats are given handicaps so that the smaller boats aren't at a disadvantage.

Post 5

I saw my first ever yacht race this summer. My parents have a house they just bought on the cape and there is a big yearly yacht race every summer.

I didn't go in with high expectations. I actually expected it to be kind of dull. But it turned out to be a ton of fun.

It is so much more of a race than I expected. Seeing it up close from the shore you can really tell how fast the boats are moving and how much the guys on the boats are doing to keep them moving. I hope I can see it again next summer.

Post 4

@stl156 - There have been some attempts by the media to do so, such as by giving coverage to the America's Cup competition by adding a bit of national pride to the yachts involved, but it is hard to get rid of the stigma.

Although it is easy to get into a rice versus poor debate involving yacht racing what needs to be kept in mind is that a yacht is simply an expensive boat and is being used for racing and I am sure it would be very fun for anyone who has some boating experience to be involved in.

I have been to yacht races in the past and they can be fairly exciting mostly due to the atmosphere and it is very fun, especially when it involves an almost divided crowd watching. It is not a cut throat "I hate you" type of rivalry amongst the fans, it is simply more civil with competition involved.

Post 3

@cardsfan27 - Everyone has an opinion and although the perception of yacht races to some are that they may involve rich people showing off their toys certain races are extensively covered throughout the world.

The most famous of these races include the America's Cup race which has become a source of pride among many Americans rich and poor.

I agree with you that because yachts are extremely expensive and in reality only rich people can own them they come off as the rich simply showing off but in reality they need something to do with the things they own and that is why races like the America's Cup have come about. What I would like to know is if there have

been measures that have been taken to try and make yacht racing more appealing to a wider array of people not just the rich. I am sure there have been measures taken but I cannot think of any off hand.
Post 2

@cardsfan27 - I agree. A yacht race to me has always seemed like something that rice people could only do. Of course, what needs to be kept in mind is the fact that yachts are very expensive things to own and maintain and very few people can keep them on their property so that is why they are usually kept at a marina or docked with other people yachts.

It is only natural that out of several people docking their yachts in the same place that clubs are formed and they do fun things like race them. I agree that although it may be rich people showing off their toys they are like anyone else and need to do something fun with the things they own especially things they put a huge investment in.

Post 1

Although a yacht race seems like fun it is definitely a something that can only be done by people that have lots of money.

I do not know if it is something that only has this attitude in the United States but when I hear about yacht races I always associate with rich elite playing with their toys. I think this may be because a yacht is a very expensive thing to own and by having a race with them they are in essence showing them off to everyone and providing competition with such and to some people that makes it seem like it is something that only certain "special" people can be able to do.

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