What is a X-Chair?

Sheri Cyprus

An X-chair is a seat that features the shape of the letter 'X' on its backrest. Most of these chairs are dining style pieces. Side X back dining chairs are armless while the type made for the head and foot of the table are in the armchair style as is the case with most chair styles made for dining rooms. The X-chair dining pieces are available in many different styles and finishes.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The straight-backed X back chair is the simplest type. The backrest, seat and legs all have straight lines. Straight X back dining chairs are often made of medium stained wood. They typically have one X-shaped wooden piece made of two slats of wood inside the hollow frame of the chair back.

A variation of the straight-backed X-chair is the slightly curved version. The section of the backrest just before the top of the chair may have a slight curve to it. The tops of the chair's legs may be gently rounded as well. Some X-chairs are rocking chair styles, and these may feature a camel-back top, which is a curved bump on the uppermost part of the chair back.

X back dining and rocking chairs are mainly available in medium to light shades, but black and white versions are also sold today. Light and white X-chairs tend to fit in well with less formal decors. An X-chair style that is light and rustic in design may be sold where cottage chairs are marketed. The hollow spaces in between the X shape, plus the light color give cottage style X-chairs a breezy, casual look.

Black or dark wood X back chairs typically look more dramatic and formal than their lighter counterparts. The open space in between the dark slats of wood used to form the X shape contrasts boldly with the background decor colors in a kitchen or dining room. Dark and light X chairs are usually priced the same depending on the type of wood used and can range anywhere from about $40 to more than $150 US Dollars (USD).

Double X back chairs feature slats of wood in the chair backs that form two X shapes either horizontal or vertical in position. These look more elaborate that the single style of X-chair. A noticeable hollow diamond shape is formed in between the double X shapes. Single or double X back dining chairs are usually available either sold in twos or in sets of four with or without a table.

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