What is a Workout CD?

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A workout CD is an audio compact disc that an athlete listens to while working out. Though the most common type of workout CD contains music, some instructional workout CDs contain workout instruction or motivation so that the athlete can follow those instructions during the workout. Regardless, the purpose of a workout CD is to aid the athlete in getting the most out of his or her workout.

Some workouts, such as yoga and Pilates, require specific routines and timing. For these kinds of workout routines, a workout program CD can be very useful. Using the CD means that the athlete does not need to commit the sequence of positions to memory and thus can focus on maintaining proper form and balance. Also, the workout CD can help the athlete maintain proper timing during the workout by informing the athlete when to start and end each pose.

An exercise CD also can be helpful when an athlete is performing certain exercise routines that require specific form. Again, this can be the case during yoga and Pilates but also can be beneficial when performing certain weightlifting routines that require the athlete to maintain very specific form. In these cases, the CDs can remind the athlete of some of the specific aspects of the form that the athlete might otherwise forget.


Another type of workout CD is one that provides workout motivation. Working out often requires athletes to push themselves, so it sometimes can be useful to have a CD that provides the necessary encouragement. This is especially true during extended workouts such as long cardiovascular exercise routines.

The most common type of workout CD, though, is a music CD. Having exercise music can be very beneficial for an athlete while he or she is working out. Music can have a powerful impact on an athlete's mood and motivation, thus helping the athlete complete the workout.

A music workout CD can be particularly useful because different workout playlists can be effective for different types of workouts. For instance, if an athlete is performing repetitive cardiovascular exercise, he or she might listen to upbeat music with a steady and repetitive beat to help get into the rhythm of the exercise. Similarly, someone who is performing heavy weightlifting exercises might benefit from loud, aggressive music that will give him or her the motivation to perform the strenuous lifts. Contrarily, someone practicing yoga might listen to very soft and relaxing music to achieve the necessary state of mind.


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