What is a Workflow Report?

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A workflow report is one which may display a business’s current overall workflow and indicate where it may be improved. Many times when the term workflow is mentioned, it is meant to address electronic processes or software which are meant to automate and streamline tasks. Some types of workflow report may only explain this type of flow, and they can explain what tasks are automated, how they’re accomplished, and how quickly or cheaply they are done. Other types of workflow report are more in-depth, explaining the entire workflow of the company, its automated processes, and its employees. This allows company management to review the entire process and make adjustments where necessary to cut costs, producer faster, and/or satisfy new customer needs.

Traditionally, a work flow report was generated by a team or individual assigned the task gathering, documenting, and reporting all information related to the internal works of the business. This process may have taken weeks or even months to complete depending on the size of the company. Technology has advanced so that this type of reporting may be done with computer software. While individuals are still needed to input data for the software, it organizes the data and displays it in multiple reports for review.


By using software to create a workflow report, a business may analyze their reports and make changes much more quickly, allowing it to stay on top of the market. The company may also enjoy increased flexibility with multiple reports explaining many aspects of the business in detail. This may be extremely helpful to businesses which have multiple locations but only one corporate office. There are also many types of workflow report software available in many areas, allowing the company to choose one which is just right for their needs.

Reports of all kinds are important to almost any business. Finances, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are all aspects of a business which need to be routinely analyzed if a business is to grow and adapt. Identifying weaknesses in the company processes is not only beneficial to a company’s head management—adjustments in efficiency may also take burdens and frustration away from employees. Streamlining tasks allows employees and their supervisors stay on the same page in terms of what is expected on a daily basis. A workflow report may also indicate where more money is needed for updated equipment or raises, improving an employee’s overall satisfaction with her work environment.


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