What is a Work Climate?

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A work climate is the workplace environment. Business climates affect how well company goals are being met because maximum efficiency, production and employee motivation are impossible when the work environment is poor. Effective workplace climates ensure that employees are clear about their purpose in the larger realm of the company and know exactly what is expected of them. In this way, companies can better function as a whole to meet their goals.

In a poor work climate such as one of ineffective communication and unfocused supervision, the productive goals can become unclear. Employees may lack interest or motivation which is likely to decrease productivity even further. Even if employees are still productive, it may be wasted if they are working on tasks that don’t fit into crucial company goals. In this way, a good climate is one that is supported and enhanced by effective management.

Business climates that work with employees to set and achieve clear goals can be very successful. This is one reason why performance management is so important in many companies today. Regular performance reviews can help motivate employees to keep improving as well as remind them exactly what tasks are expected of them within the work climate. Incentives such as raises, promotions and bonuses for jobs well done further motivate employees to continue their best efforts in the workplace.


Just as weather climates affect people who live in them, the same can be said about a work climate. Healthy, communicative work environments support an efficient work force that is ready to commit daily to its assigned tasks to keep the company running profitably. A poor work environment, on the other hand, doesn’t support a strong, motivated team environment.

Ultimately, positive work climates can drastically reduce employee turnover rates by retaining more employees. Healthy, happy employees are likely to stay in a company longer. High employee turnover rates can be damaging to a business because too much time and resources may be needed such as constantly hiring and training new staff. Employees in a positive workplace climate often go above and beyond their job description to help the company thrive.


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I've been sexually harassed by my male supervisor and grabbed by the arm by my female supervisor all with in a year and in the same department! The results were I was told I was lying. There was a ton of favoritism to cover for these supervisors and I've been threatened with being fired by management and the company. It's so hard. I couldn't even defend myself or fight all because I reported these situations!

I still give 110 percent every day I work there, and nothing -- nothing -- happened to the supervisors. I still have to work with her! I faced so much retaliation from employees and from her! Everyone has broken the policies but me and I get dumped on!

Post 4


This is why I love working online at my own pace and time. I feel free to think for myself and find new things, and enjoy working and collaborating with various different people on a daily basis. The best work environment tends to be the most flexible and open.

Post 3

The boss also sets the pace for the environment at work. If the boss is a crazy person who drives his workers like elk, then he will basically have a zoo. If the boss wants to see people do well and supports them, they will do well, having an environment where they can be creative and innovate new ideas and methods.

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If there are central core values and expectations which unite people and help them to feel a certain solidarity, then negative competition and jealousy are replaced by a broader feeling of positive competition with other companies and a desire to see others in your work do well. Doing well is commended, rather than being envied. This always makes for a better work climate.

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If members of the company are thinking and acting as many parts of a unified whole, they are creating an effective work climate which is accomplishing its goals in an effective manner.

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