What Is a Woodworking Show?

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A woodworking show is an event at which woodworkers can gather to show off finished pieces, meet other woodworkers, establish contacts within the industry, learn about new tools and techniques, and so on. The specific events, contests, and seminars that will be included at a woodworking show will vary, and a woodworker can choose among the many shows being held to find the one that suits his or her needs the best. In many cases, woodworking experts will be present at the shows to teach techniques or skills, interact with other woodworkers, and lend expertise and credibility to the show.

Attending a woodworking show may also be a great way to establish contacts within the industry to potentially secure employment or even sponsorship. Sometimes woodworkers attend a woodworking show to place orders for tools or materials, to learn about discounts or other offers from manufacturers, or simply to peruse new products being offered by manufacturers. Attending such a show can help the woodworker improve his or her workflow and be more productive or profitable in the long run.


Some of the seminars that will be held at the woodworking show may focus on tools and techniques, though other seminars may focus more on the business end of woodworking. A woodworker may learn how to manage his or her money more effectively, how to reach new customers with innovative marketing techniques, how to advertise properly, and how to interact with customers. Any skills that will be valuable to the woodworker are often covered in such seminars; this may mean the seminars can cover business aspects, woodworking aspects, acquiring and grading materials, or even mastering safety procedures. The subjects will vary from show to show.

One of the advantages to attending a woodworking show is the woodworker's ability to learn about new products he or she can in turn offer to customers. Beginners and veterans alike can benefit from these shows because it is likely that much of the new products and techniques will be on display in one central location, meaning the woodworker will not have to do all the leg work of discovering advances in the industry on his or her own. Interacting with other professionals in the field also afford the woodworker the opportunity to establish contacts, learn new business strategies, or simply make friends within the industry. Some professionals attend these shows to get a leg up on the competition, while others attend simply for the enjoyment of being immersed in a topic they love.


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