What is a Wingery?

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A wingery is a restaurant that specializes in the preparation of different varieties of hot wings. Often, a wingery will employ a special recipe to prepare chicken wings in a manner that has a particular type of flavor, based on the coating or the sauces applied to the meat of the wing. Many wingeries offer hot wings and buffalo wings prepared with a wide range of ingredients as a means of attracting a wider share of consumers.

The menu for a wingery can be very simple. Along with one or two choices in hot wing flavors and order sizes, the basic wingery usually will offer a selection of beverages and at least one side item, such as French fries. When the wingery offers this basic type of menu, the focus is usually on providing a quality core product in a short amount of time, primarily catering to customers who wish to place the order for a pickup or takeout situation.


However, there are examples of the wingery that are very similar to that of a family restaurant. Some wingeries offer a pleasant dining room atmosphere that encourages patrons to eat in the restaurant. There is often a variety of wing types offered, such as crispy southern friend wings, hot Cajun wings with plenty of spices, barbecued wings, and even skinless baked wings with a sprinkling of herbs for persons trying to watch carbohydrates. Along with a variety of wings, these more elaborate wingery restaurants will often provide a broad range of side items, such as salads, steamed vegetables, onion rings, and other tasty treats.

In many parts of the United States, the wingery has emerged as part of the food service offerings in many communities. Noted for fast service and ample servings at reasonable prices, the typical wingery is ideal for anyone who enjoys chicken wings and does not have the time or inclination to prepare them at home. Some wingery restaurants are beginning to set up home delivery services to go along with eat-in environments and takeout options.


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Wingery in this article was obviously used as a generic term referring to all restaurants of this type, rather like Kleenex is used to refer to all facial tissues. As I understand it, the term "wingery" is only under trademark when it is used in conjunction with the name of a business, and no names are used in this article.

Post 1

Actually, in Canada the wingery is a trade marked and copyright protected name and when used in a web site or any other form of media or publication in Canada without the permission of the owner, the publication, etc. is subject to legal action being taken against them. Of course removing the infringement would most likely prevent this action from commencing. Just some information to ponder.

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