What Is a Wide Mouth Food Processor?

G. Wiesen

A wide mouth food processor is a small kitchen appliance designed to chop, mix, and blend food together in a single unit. These devices are typically loaded from the top, through a chute, into a large bowl or enclosed work space into which food drops. At the bottom of the bowl is a large blade attachment, which spins around based on speed controls and other inputs made by the operator of the device. A wide mouth food processor has a larger chute than standard units and typically includes multiple blades that can be used to achieve a wide range of cutting options.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The basic design of a wide mouth food processor is typically quite simple. There are two pieces that make up the majority of the device, which are a base that contains a motor and the bowl. This bowl is not necessarily shaped like a round bowl for serving food, but is just an enclosed vessel in which the actual chopping of food takes place. The bowl of a wide mouth food processor is usually locked into place on the base, holding the unit together during operation. Many of these devices will not operate without the bowl properly in position as a safety precaution.

At the top of the bowl of a wide mouth food processor is the chute into which food is dropped or loaded for processing. It is this chute that gives these devices their name, as they have a wider or larger opening than other models. This typically means that the bowl can hold a greater volume as well, though the size of the chute is the signature component of a wide mouth food processor. The larger size allows for bigger pieces of food to be loaded into the bowl, cutting down on preparation time and making use of the device simpler.

Within the bowl is an armature onto which a blade can be placed at the bottom of it, which spins around due to the motor within the base. The operator of a wide mouth food processor can typically control different speed settings for the blade, as well as a "pulse" feature that turns the device on only as long as the button is pressed. A wide mouth food processor can include multiple blades that can be changed out to enable different options, such as finer cuts. There are also blades typically provided for certain purposes, such as one for cutting and kneading dough, or a tall blade for shredding cheese.

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