What is a Website Optimizer?

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A website optimizer is a type of software tool that helps to increase the speed with which pages on a website load. The value of this type of software is that it aids in making sure visitors to the site do not become discouraged and leave the site without viewing the information found on the page. The process of website optimization is especially important for online retailers, who rely on pages to load quickly and display the items offered for sale.

There are a number of different types of website optimizer tools available. Some are free tools that are provided as a service to users of specific types of browsers or by companies that host web sites on behalf of customers. The tools make it possible to analyze specific sections of a page, such as the header, an image, or even some type of promotional text to determine if the component is loading fast enough to motivate visitors to remain on the page long enough to view the data.


Along with assessing the speed with which different components load, a website optimizer also performs other types of website analytics. In particular, the tool will aid in evaluating the effectiveness of the page content in catching the attention of visitors to the site and prompting them to stay for an appreciable period of time. This can be especially helpful when it comes to arranging the data on pages so that the elements that are most likely to grab and hold the attention of visitors is quickly displayed. Doing so increases the chances that the visitor will tarry long enough to buy something or follow a link that is displayed on the page.

Most types of web optimizer tools will also provide what is known as search engine optimization tools. These are simply tools that analyze the use of keywords and key images on a web page and assess the potential for placing higher in search engine results involving those keywords. It is not unusual for the optimizer to suggest relevant keywords for the text in order to increase the potential for higher placement in search results. At times, the website optimizer tool may also analyze the text on a web page and provide suggestions that help to avoid the practice of keyword stuffing, or the unnecessary repetition of keywords in an attempt to place higher in search engine results. Since many Internet browsers today filter out content that abuses keyword placement, the practice of keyword stuffing is likely to hurt rather than help consumers to find their way to the website.

In most instances, a website optimizer tool is available at no charge, either bundled into the tools provided by a site host or as a free tool by the provider of an Internet search engine. There are also advanced optimizing tools that are available for modest fees. Depending on the needs of the site owner, the free versions may provide sufficient information to maximize site views and also provide helpful hints on how to structure the pages to best effect in terms of speed and readability.


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