What Is a Web Seminar?

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A web seminar is a virtual event in which one or more speakers are able to communicate with virtual attendees who can usually hear and sometimes see a presentation made on a particular subject. The subject matter of such a seminar can vary quite a bit, though they are commonly used to introduce new products and discuss various business ideas. These seminars can be provided free of charge in some instances, though other seminars may be quite expensive to “attend.” A web seminar can also provide functionality for attendees to provide feedback and may include limited interaction for attendees.

Also called a “webinar,” a web seminar is essentially a virtual version of a seminar in which a group of people come together to hear one or more people speak on a certain topic. Rather than gathering the attendees together in a conference hall, however, a web seminar is conducted through virtual space over a network such as the Internet. The “attendees” of such a seminar use computers connected to the network to access the presentation made by the speaker. This presentation typically consists of audio that can be heard by the attendees, though many seminars include video presentations as well.


The content presented in a web seminar can vary quite a bit, though they are frequently used by businesses rather than private individuals. A company introducing a new product to a relatively select group of people, for example, might use such a seminar to do so. Companies that offer specialized business software may also use this type of seminar to introduce their product to those businesses that may benefit from the use of the software. A company can also use a web seminar to explain or address issues within a company, allowing an officer to communicate with numerous managers or employees across the country simultaneously.

Companies often provide a web seminar free of charge to introduce new products to other businesses or consumers, and these are seen as elaborate advertisements by such companies. Proven services or well-known speakers may charge attendees for such a seminar, providing access to the seminar only for those with a code or other means of identification. Attendees at a web seminar can typically see and hear the speaker or speakers at the seminar, but some software used for such seminars can also provide interactive functionality for attendees. This can allow attendees to ask questions of the speaker in real time or to provide feedback based on questions or ideas raised by the speaker at the seminar.


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