What is a Waterproof TV?

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A waterproof television (TV) is a TV that is safe to use around most liquids. These electronic devices are typically sealed in such a way that they can be splashed, rained on, or, in some cases, submerged in water and other liquids and still function. A waterproof TV is often useful in places where there may be a threat of contact with liquids, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoors. Both homeowners and businesses may be able to utilize a waterproof television.

Most waterproof TVs have flat panel monitors, and many are liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Some are equipped with high definition (HD) technology. Often, they can be connected to other audiovisual devices, such as DVD players or satellite receivers. Most of these TVs are equipped with a waterproof remote control that can be used in the same wet environment as the television.

Many people may wish to place a waterproof TV in a bathroom in order to watch television or movies while they take a bath or shower. Most bathroom TVs have the ability to be mounted on the wall for ease of viewing. Some can even be integrated into the tiling or plaster so that they look as though they are built into the wall.


Many of these bathroom TVs have a special finish that allows them to be used as a normal bathroom mirror when they are not in use. Also, they may have screens that are heated so that they will not fog over in the bathroom environment. This heated screen option is useful for TVs in rooms with a lot of steam, such as showers or saunas.

There are many other uses for a waterproof TV. Kitchen TVs are often waterproof, because kitchens often pose a threat of water or other liquids splashing on the monitor accidentally. Outdoor TVs may be waterproof so that they can remain outside in different types of weather. Spas, pools, and boats may feature a waterproof TV as well.

These TVs may have several potential markets due to their versatility of use. Homeowners may find many rooms where a waterproof TV would be desirable. Some businesses, too, may choose to invest in them. For example, a hotel may wish to install them in its bathrooms, or by a pool or spa. Also, a restaurant may wish to mount one outside on a terrace.


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