What is a Water Resistant Coat?

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A water resistant coat is a must for people who need to go out when the weather is wet. This type of garment shouldn't be confused with a waterproof one. Water resistant clothing will not protect the wearer from a downpour or extended exposure to wet conditions. If the person is walking through a shower, the coat will keep them dry and comfortable for a short time.

A water resistant coat may be made from nylon, which is a popular fabric for outerwear, since it is lightweight and very durable. Nylon is a synthetic that has been used for a number of years. Manufacturers choose to make clothing out of this because it is thin and flexible. Nylon can be dyed easily, which means that it is a good choice for many types of clothing items.

Some manufacturers make a water resistant coat that is breathable. Breathable clothing allows sweat to escape through its membranes, which allows the wearer to stay dry and comfortable. This type of clothing item is popular with people who enjoy spending time out of doors. Water resistant clothing is a good choice for people who are looking for camping gear. It's also a popular choice for those who need quality camping gear.


To make a water resistant coat, the manufacturer applies a thin polyurethane coating to the nylon or polyester shell of the garment. Once the coating is dry, the garment is ready to be worn. For a person who is planning on being outside, wearing a water resistant coat is a great choice. When hiking or camping, weather conditions may change quickly, and it's good to be prepared.

Some people who are planning to go boating, hiking or camping think that wearing cotton clothing is a good choice. In fact, clothing made from wool or synthetic fibers is the way to go. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet for a long time. If the camper or hiker doesn't have a change of clothes with them, they will start feeling cold very quickly from wearing the cotton garments. Coats, pants and other clothing items made from synthetic fibers will also dry a lot faster if they happen to get wet.

A water resistant coat is the best choice for people who are going to be spending time outdoors. Staying warm and dry are priorities, no matter how long the person will be away from home. Choosing the right type of clothing is the key to being able to do so.


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