What is a Water Resistant Blanket?

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A water resistant blanket is designed to be used outdoors, in activities such as camping, picnicking, viewing sporting events, or relaxing at the beach. Typically, a water resistant blanket, also referred to as an outdoor blanket, will have one water resistant side and one softer side. The water resistant side of the blanket will be placed against the wet grass at a picnic, for example, allowing people to sit on the dry, soft side.

Water resistant blankets are typically made out of nylon or polyester on one side, and a soft fleece type material on the other. They are designed to be sturdy and hold up well, resisting pilling or tearing. A water resistant blanket is also generally fairly inexpensive, though the higher quality ones designed for camping and colder weather can be rather pricy.

Water resistant blankets often come with a water resistant carrying bag as well, to keep the blanket dry while not in use. The bag also makes the blanket easier to pack up and carry when hiking or trying to fit lots of items into a car. Conversely, some blankets are also equipped with carrying straps, so it can easily be converted from a blanket into a bag, which means that there is one less item to keep track of. Many are also equipped with small pockets as well, to store smaller items.


Another benefit to using a water resistant blanket is that most tend to be resistant to dirt and soil as well. They can easily be wiped off without needing to be washed every time they are used. These blankets are also especially good to use when taking children outside or to the park, to prevent them from getting dirty or wet from the ground.

It is possible to get a water resistant blanket in many different colors and designs to suit different tastes. For sitting on bleachers at sporting events, there are water resistant blankets designed with the logos of various sports teams. Kids might like blankets designed with fun cartoon characters or bright colors.

Water resistant blankets can be used for other things around the house, or even in the car. For example, it might be beneficial to purchase a water resistant blanket for placing down inside the car when traveling with a pet. These blankets can be purchased at most large discount stores, sporting goods stores, or online.


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