What is a Virtual Career Fair?

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A virtual career fair is a job fair event that takes place on the Internet. Various employers agree to participate in the event by way of offering an array of different job opportunities on a single website designated for the event. Job seekers are then invited to visit the event’s site to learn about available employment positions. Often, job openings offered at a virtual career fair are telecommuting positions, which also allow employees to work from home or another remote location by using Internet technology.

Frequently referred to as an online career fair, a virtual career fair may also offer applicants the opportunity to chat with prospective employers online. By visiting a designated web portal, individual job seekers may click on multiple job openings, submit applications or resumes online, and engage in several job interviews via Internet chat programs or by using two-way video technology without ever leaving home. Job searching via a virtual career fair usually requires a moderate to above-average level of computer and Internet skills.

Career interviews that take place online often require a second interview in-person. Some careers, however, such as those that allow employees to work remotely while performing information technology duties or cyber-security tasks, may not require a face-to-face interview at all. Increasingly, virtual career fairs are connecting employers with employees who welcome the opportunity to work together using the latest telephone, video and Internet technology despite geographical barriers.


The dates and times of an online career fair may also differ from a traditional job fair. In some instances, an event may only be accessible for a few hours online, while other career events may span several days and be accessible around the clock during those dates. Usually, after a scheduled virtual career fair has ended, however, visitors are no longer allowed access to the site or may be able to view the designated website, but are unable to apply for available positions.

A virtual career fair may be open to the public or offered exclusively to members of a select group, such as university students or alumni. Jobs may be offered in the private sector or may even include positions with government agencies. Often, private online career fairs require job seekers to preregister and access the site of the job fair using a unique identification and password. In some instances, a virtual career fair may also be hosted by a company specializing in such events on behalf of another organization or company.


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