What is a Vinyl Tool Shed?

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Most homeowners wish they had just a little more room for storage. A vinyl tool shed might just be the answer to your storage needs. A vinyl tool shed is a freestanding structure that can house a myriad of equipment and supplies-from your garden gloves to the storage of your motorboat.

Most vinyl tool sheds are delivered preassembled, ready to slip out of the box and slide into place. Simply install the shelving units that come with the vinyl tool shed, and you are ready to start filling your new space.

Before you order a vinyl tool shed, you will want to consider a few things: what size you require; where you will locate the storage unit; if you need any special features; and how much you want to pay.

Vinyl tool sheds come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Be sure to select one large enough to store all of your outdoor equipment, while choosing a style and color that will complement your home and yard. There are freestanding sheds, and units that attach to the house or garage. Measure the space where you plan to put the shed to ensure it will fit, and lay a wooden deck or concrete slab to anchor the vinyl tool shed.


Manufacturers of vinyl tool sheds offer a range of price points, so it is likely you can find one in your price range; the smallest can be found for about $250 (US dollars). This is less expensive than comparable wood or metal units, and a vinyl tool shed lasts for years, is weatherproof, does not rust, and is tough enough to resist scratches and dents. You can buy a vinyl tool shed at a nearby lawn and garden or home improvement store, or you can order one via the Internet. If you can't find the vinyl tool shed of your dreams, some manufacturers also offer custom designs.

In most cities, the installation of a vinyl tool shed does not require a building permit, but be sure to check the regulations in your hometown. If you belong to a homeowner's association, you can refer to the bylaws to see if there are any restrictions on adding a vinyl tool shed to your property.

Note: The internal temperature of a vinyl tool shed (and any storage shed) can rise excessively on warm days, much like the interior of a car. Children or pets should never be placed in a closed storage shed. Units can easily be locked when not in use.


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