What is a Velcro&Reg; Wallet?

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Velcro® wallets are a popular style of billfold used to store money, credit cards, and personal items. They can come in many different colors, and are often emblazoned with a logo, saying, or other aspect that the owner finds appealing. A Velcro® wallet is considered extremely casual attire, and should not be carried in a formal setting; more than one inexperienced businessman has gotten strange looks from his guests when pulling out a Velcro® wallet to pay for an expensive dinner.

Contrary to what the name implies, a Velcro® wallet is not made completely out of Velcro®; only strips of the material are used to keep the billfold shut. The most common material used to make up the bulk of such a wallet is nylon, but other types of fabrics and leather can also be used.

Velcro® wallets generally come in the trifold style, and are small enough to fit into a pants pocket. Such trifold wallets have two folds, with the ends bending on top of each other to form three relatively equal-sized sections that stack one above the other. A “hook” strip of Velcro® is sewn onto one end of the wallet, with a matching “loop” strip of Velcro® sewn onto another section. When the wallet is closed, the Velcro® strips match up and fasten the wallet tightly together.


A Velcro® wallet can also come in other styles. Small bifold wallets with a matching strip of Velcro® at each end are common. Some shoes have been specially designed with their tongues split in half and sewn to form a small pouch, the top of which is sealed with Velcro®. Concealable wallets that are strapped to the waist or leg also often use Velcro® to fasten themselves both around the wearer and shut.

There are many advantages of a Velcro® wallet over other styles. First, the Velcro® fasteners force the wallet to close, keeping the contents more secure than unfastened styles. Second, the Velcro® generally holds the wallet in a compressed bundle that is less bulky than other wallet styles. Finally, because they are usually made of nylon, Velcro® wallets are more resilient than other styles of billfolds; they dry quickly when wet, are resistant to wear, and are harder to stain than those made from most other materials.

There are two primary disadvantages to a Velcro® wallet. When opened, a Velcro® wallet will make a loud ripping sound as the “hook” strip and the “loop” strip separate. As well, the “hook” strip of Velcro® can catch hair, lint, and other unwanted things in it, and may require cleaning.


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Post 2

I always keep a casual velcro wallet around because there are many things I like about them. If I am going to be spending the weekend outside with family the last thing I want to take with me is a nice mens leather wallet.

There is a place for both kinds, and it is nice to have the choice. I know they are great for kids because they keep things secure and are not very bulky.

Post 1

I like to use a velcro wallet because I feel that the contents in my wallet are much more secure when they are fastened shut with velcro. I have used both kinds, but now whenever I am looking for a new casual mens wallet, my first choice is always a velcro one.

I will say that there have been a few times when I wished I had a wallet that was not velcro. Especially if you are trying to be quiet - it is hard to open a velcro wallet and be very quiet.

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