What Is a Vegetarian Burrito?

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A vegetarian burrito by its simplest definition is a burrito that does not contain any meat. This type of burrito can be a very healthy meal for anyone, especially people who may be watching fat or dietary cholesterol intake, anyone trying to eat more nutritious vegetables, and those who are vegetarians by lifestyle and choose never to eat meat. Sometimes, such as in the vegan lifestyle, the restriction on meat is extended to other animal products, including cheese, one of the most common burrito ingredients.

While many people cannot imagine eating a burrito without beef, chicken, or pork, others prefer a vegetarian burrito for taste, dietary, or moral reasons. People who wish to completely exclude meat and other animal products from their diets should check before eating a seemingly vegetarian burrito to make sure that neither the tortilla nor its contents have been cooked with eggs, dairy products, or animal fat, because some restaurants use these to add flavor to the burrito. Those attempting to reduce intake of dietary fat or cholesterol should also ask how the burrito has been prepared. Some restaurants provide nutrition information and even food preparation and cooking methods online or in a pamphlet, but usually it is the customer's responsibility to seek it out.


Ingredients in a vegetarian burrito usually include beans, rice, lettuce, and tomatoes. Some combination of other ingredients such as corn, peppers, onions, and sometimes olives is also used. A variety of herbs and spices are often used, such as cayenne, chili powder, and cilantro. Unless they are prohibited by dietary or other restrictions, like those of vegans, who eliminate all animal products, sour cream and cheese are common toppings for both regular and vegetarian burritos. Salsa may be a good alternative for those who cannot top burritos with cheese or sour cream.

Most restaurants that serve regular burritos and other Mexican food dishes offer at least one option for customers who prefer a vegetarian burrito. Many people, however, find that it is simple to make a vegetarian burrito at home and also find that it is far easier to control which ingredients are used and how the food is prepared by buying their own supplies rather than trusting the restaurant to skip the meat products. Dieters who miss the flavor and texture of meat may find a solution by using soy products or by crumbling up a vegetarian burger, usually found in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, and using it to replace the meat in the burrito.


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Post 4

I have a chicken burrito recipe that my whole family loves and I will usually make this at least once a month. One time I thought I would try to make this as a vegetarian burrito thinking nobody would miss the meat.

I thought if I added enough beans, rice and cheese that they would not even notice there was no meat. This didn't go over as well as I hoped it would. Everyone but the youngest asked where the chicken was.

I have been trying to cut back on the amount of meat I eat, but nobody else in my house seems very thrilled with that idea. The next time I make these, I am going to leave the meat off a couple of them for me, and go ahead and put chicken in the rest of the dish.

Post 3

My favorite way of eating a vegetarian burrito is as a breakfast burrito. We eat these a lot on the weekends, but even then, they don't take very long to prepare.

It only takes a few minutes to cook or scramble some eggs. When you add these to a warm tortilla and add some vegetables like peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes, you have a quick meal that is healthy and satisfying.

Many of the fast food restaurants also serve these. My husband is a meat eater, but he will eat a vegetarian breakfast burrito without any meat, and ask for more.

Post 2

@honeybees - I agree that there are many more choices available for someone who is a vegan or vegetarian, but the best tasting food is always what I make at home.

This way I know exactly what is going in the food I am preparing and eating. I have found that some foods that are advertised on a menu as vegan or vegetarian may not meet the standards I have set up for myself.

I have a great vegetarian burrito recipe where I use black beans and rice for the main ingredients. Even my kids will eat these as long as they have some cheese on them. There are many ways you can get protein when eating a vegetarian burrito. I also think they taste better and are much better for you.

Post 1

Even before I became a vegetarian, I didn't miss the meat when I ordered a bean burrito at a restaurant. I am not a vegan, so enjoy eating cheese and sour cream, in moderation, on something like a vegetarian burrito.

After eating a vegetarian burrito I feel just as full and satisfied as I would have been if I had eaten a burrito with meat in it. Becoming a vegetarian was more of a process for me and not an overnight change.

Ordering a vegetarian burrito was something I did long before I ever even considered myself a vegetarian. Today there are many more choices on the menu if you have given up meat, but a burrito is still one of my favorites.

I also have a great vegetarian bean burrito recipe that I make at home. When I make these I will make my own refried beans with pinto beans and seasonings.

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