What Is a Vegetable Sandwich?

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A vegetable sandwich is a type of sandwich in which the traditional ingredients such as lunch meat are replaced instead with vegetables. Roasted vegetables are especially popular, such as roasted red peppers, eggplant, or portobello mushrooms. Cold sandwiches made with tomatoes or cucumbers are another popular option. Condiments such as mayonnaise may be added, and some people also choose to add cheese or salad dressing to make the vegetable sandwich even more flavorful. A sandwich like this made correctly can be a healthy and filling alternative to meat; some of the health benefits are lost if the vegetables are fried, however.

Thicker vegetables such as eggplant and portobello mushrooms are the most common ingredients in a vegetable sandwich, since they are filling enough to replace traditional meat ingredients. These may be roasted, grilled, or fried before being placed in the sandwich. Roasted or grilled vegetables are much healthier than vegetables that are fried in oil. Lettuce, cheese, or roasted red peppers are often added to these types of sandwiches, as well as a condiment. Balsamic vinegar salad dressing is one of the more popular options for a vegetable sandwich because it is a healthier alternative than mayo or heavier, cream based salad dressings.


Cold vegetable sandwiches are another option. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and bean sprouts are some of the most popular choices for this type of vegetable sandwich. Spices such as dill can be added, and cucumbers are often great on a sandwich with low-fat cream cheese. Some people may also add lettuce or cheese to these sandwiches as well to make them more filling. Getting a little creative when making vegetable sandwiches can make it easier to discover new flavor combinations that are delicious. Some even add fruit, such as apples, to these sandwiches as well; they add a bit of sweetness and go very well with cheeses such as goat cheese.

A veggie burger may also be considered a type of vegetable sandwich, and is often found at fast food restaurants. These are often made of a conglomeration of a number of different vegetables such as beans, peppers, mushrooms, or even squash vegetables. Often, they are primarily held together with soy products. These can be very filling, but they may not offer as many nutritional benefits as a vegetable sandwich made with fresh grilled or roasted vegetables. On the plus side, the soy often found in a veggie burger includes a lot of protein, which can be beneficial for people on vegetarian diets who might struggle to get enough of this essential nutrient.


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Post 3

It seems like most restaurants run out of sandwich ideas when they go to make their vegetarian sandwiches. A lot of time the sandwich recipes are nothing more than all the vegetables they have in the kitchen on bread. It is an after thought for them.

Post 2

I like to make a grilled vegetable sandwich with zucchini, red pepper, eggplant and onions. I put it on a good multi-grain bread with some mayonnaise and a slice of Swiss cheese. If you get the proportions of veggies and mayo right the sandwich is amazing.

It is based on a roasted vegetable sandwich recipe that I saw them make on the Food network. Some of the vegges they used are ones I don't like so I just swapped them out with my favorites.

Post 1

I went vegetarian about two years ago and for a long time I was at a loss for what to bring to work for lunch. For years before that I ate a ham and cheese sandwich. I had a routine and I liked it. But now that I don't eat meat I had to find a good go to vegetable sandwich that I could eat every day.

The one I came up with has hummus, roasted red pepper and romaine lettuce on wheat bread. It's better than it sounds and I've come to really like them. I even started making my own hummus.

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