What Is a Vegan Wedding?

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A vegan wedding is usually very similar to a traditional wedding, except that no animal products are used in the planning of the wedding or during the ceremony. Components of a vegan wedding include dresses and suits made from fibers that do not come from animals, a meal that is plant-based, and a dairy- and egg-free wedding cake. Some couples may choose to make the occasion vegan-friendly only by serving a vegan meal at their wedding, while others may decide to make the entire affair a vegan one.

Garments worn at traditional weddings are often not vegan. For example, a silk wedding gown is not vegan because it is produced by silkworms. At a vegan wedding, a bride may choose to wear a gown made of a synthetic satin rather than silk and may ask her bridesmaids to do the same.

The groom's suit or tuxedo may need to be made of an alternate fabric as well, as wool is not vegan either. Vegan suit options include linen or synthetic materials, such as polyester. As many grooms may prefer not to wear polyester on their wedding day, a few companies manufacture suits from a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.


A vegan bride and groom may also wish to avoid leather shoes, belts, and other accessories. Non-leather shoes are available for both men and women, and a groom may be able to find a synthetic belt. The bow ties or neckties will also need to be made out of a synthetic fabric rather than silk.

Food at a vegan wedding can present a problem for some couples. A couple may wish to serve only plant-based foods, but guests may expect meat. Some couples work their away around the issue of food by serving a vegan meal that is still impressive and not something a person would eat on an everyday basis. Many vegans strive to show guests that they don't eat only so-called rabbit foods and that a vegan diet can be full of delicious and rich foods.

A few catering companies, especially those in large cities, are specifically vegan. If there isn't a vegan caterer in their area, a couple may request that that a standard caterer prepare only vegan dishes for their wedding. Another option is to hire the kitchen staff at a local vegan or vegetarian restaurant.

The cake at a vegan wedding typically doesn't contain milk products or eggs. Some bakeries specialize in preparing vegan cakes for weddings, while other bakeries that prepare standard cakes will make a cake vegan if asked. Instead of a traditional tiered cake, some vegan weddings serve an assortment of vegan cupcakes.


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