What Is a Valentine Fundraiser?

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A Valentine fundraiser organizes an appeal for funds around Valentine’s Day, a holiday falling on the 14th of February each year. The holiday is associated with love and relationships, which can provide some themes to build a fundraiser that may appeal to a variety of potential donors. Groups or organizations can hold dinners, dating events, auctions, and other themed activities on or around the time of the holiday for their donors. Organizers may use a variety of tactics to appeal to people in different kinds of relationships, including people who may not be involved with anyone.

Structuring fundraisers around specific holidays can sometimes increase the chances of success. People involved in philanthropy may enjoy the idea of celebrating a holiday by donating to charity. On holidays where gifts may be conventional, attending an event together could stand in for a present. For Valentine’s Day, for instance, it’s common for couples to eat dinner together and exchange small presents. A Valentine fundraiser could use this to an organization’s advantage.

Some events may involve a dinner with a variety of foods associated with the holiday. Dinner attendees may be entertained by musicians, comedians, and others. They could also attend an auction, which may be held silently or in a live open outcry format. Other Valentine fundraiser events could include sales of flowers, cards, and chocolates which benefit the charity, encouraging people to donate while buying traditional gifts.


Depending on the organization, a Valentine fundraiser could also include a date auction. People willing to volunteer time for the organization might allow themselves to be “sold” to the highest bidder, who wins a date to attend dinner or an event. Other options could include speed dating with a donation as an entry fee, or the opportunity to bid on romantic packages like couples massages or vacations donated by organizations that support the charity. So that people who aren’t dating don’t feel left out, the Valentine fundraiser might include activities not specifically focused on relationships, like an art auction or raffle.

Such events can vary in complexity. They may range from a sale of roses or Valentine candygrams to benefit a school sports team to elaborate events that may attract high level donors to major organizations. Planning committees can discuss the kinds of activities they want to include in the fundraiser and how they plan to solicit donations of goods, services, and funds to support the event and add to the organization’s coffers.


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