What is a UV Toothbrush Sanitizer?

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A UV toothbrush sanitizer is a tool that uses UV rays to kill bacteria that may have been transferred to or developed within a toothbrush. Anyone who has spent time in a nail salon enjoy manicures or pedicure may already be familiar with UV sanitation. It is common for nail salons to use UV sanitation to make sure that manicure and pedicure tools such as cuticle pushers and nail clippers are sanitized before being used on a client. The technology that is used in a UV toothbrush sanitizer is similar to the technology that is used in the UV sanitizers that are used in nail salons.

There are many designs, but it is common for a UV toothbrush sanitizer to resemble a toothbrush caddy. The difference is that instead of placing the toothbrush handle-first into the caddy, it is placed head-first into the caddy where it is bathed in UV light to kill bacteria. Most UV toothbrush sanitizer models that are designed to look like normal toothbrush caddies and can hold up to four toothbrushes at once. There are also UV toothbrush sanitizer models that are designed to function as extensions of electric toothbrush kits. These designs vary as the heads of electric toothbrushes as well as the docking station for electric toothbrushes vary.


In addition to the UV toothbrush sanitizer models that are intended for use at home, there are also versions that are intended for use during travel. These are often similar than a toothbrush case. This kind of UV toothbrush sanitizer is useful for people who have to travel on a regular basis, for long periods of time, or both. While toothbrushes that are kept in a bathroom may be able to dry on their own and, therefore, reduce the likelihood of developing bacteria, toothbrushes that are kept in cases away from light and air during travel are more likely to develop bacteria.

The price of UV toothbrush sanitizers varies a bit, but most of them cost between $20 USD (US Dollars) and $50 USD. Travel versions are slightly less expensive. Kits that include electric toothbrushes are the most expensive. Most large drug stores and home stores carry one or more UV toothbrush sanitizer models in their sections for dental hygiene and personal care appliances.


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Post 3

My family has a UV toothbrush sanitizer. We put all our brushes in it and turn it on after we're done brushing. The light kills all the bacteria but the brushes need to face the light, or it doesn't work.

Post 2

@ysmina-- You can certainly find one online.

I've used both a travel UV toothbrush sanitizer and a family size one. Both are very nice. The only downside is that the travel one requires batteries. But if I remember correctly, it takes quite a while for the batteries to die, so it's not a huge problem.

It's such a relief to know that my toothbrush is free of germs and can prevent illness. I think that everyone should use one.

Post 1

I'm shopping for a UV toothbrush sanitizer. I had not thought about getting one before. But I travel a lot now and my brush is moist most of the time since I have to keep it in a case in my bag. I've read that a moist brush is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. And I certainly don't want to put that bacteria back into my mouth.

I having trouble finding many choices for UV toothbrush sanitizers at stores near me. So I might look online. I'm sure that I'm going to get one suitable for travel though.

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