What Is a UHF/VHF Amplifier?

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A UHF/VHF amplifier is a device that is designed to boost the quality and clarity of both UHF and VHF signals. The amplifier helps to buffer signals so they can be easily identified and selected, while also helping to increase the stability of the signals for transmission or receipt. One of the more common applications of this type of technology is with the use of radio and television antennas that make it possible to receive over the air broadcasts that are both stable and clear.

The main function of any UHF/VHF amplifier is to enhance the signal frequencies that are within the range of the audio or visual equipment in use. Usually installed either internally in the communication equipment or configured as an external device that serves as an intermediary between an antenna and the equipment itself, a solid state amplifier will make it possible to lock onto signals that may be somewhat weak, increase the gain on that signal, and then deliver the clarified signal to the receiving equipment. The end result is that the audio and visual components of the transmission are enhanced, making it easier for the recipient to make use of that transmission.


One of the easiest ways to understand how a UHF/VHF amplifier functions is to consider the use of the device to pick up over the air television broadcasts. In order to accomplish this task, the end user will attach an antenna with the capability of picking up television broadcast signals originating within a certain geographical range. By attaching the antenna to the UHF/VHF amplifier then connecting the amplifier to the television set, it is possible to boost the strength of the signals. The end result is that the images and sound received from the broadcast are more stable and of greater quality than would be possible to achieve otherwise. In fact, the amplifier may be able to strengthen weak signals that would not be picked up if the amplifier were not in use.

The exact configuration of the UHF/VHF amplifier will vary somewhat. Typically, amplifiers designed as an attachment to other equipment will have a somewhat small form factor, with the size depending on type of equipment that it is intended to be used with as well as the amount of amplification that the unit can maintain. A UHF/VHF amplifier designed for home use to capture and enhance television broadcast signals is usually inexpensive, with that small cost easily offset with the ability to receive and enjoy a greater range of broadcast channels and the sub-channels offered by many television stations since the conversion from analog to digital broadcasting.


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