What is a Tuscan-Style Kitchen?

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Generally, a Tuscan-style kitchen will have a rustic, Old World feel, similar to that found in rural villages in Tuscany, Italy. The kitchen may have areas of crumbling brick or stone veneer on roughly plastered or textured walls, for instance. Additionally, accent pieces, from furniture to the stove to accessories, may be made of wrought iron, antique-looking metals, or distressed woods. The colors that are used are typically earth tones, such as rich browns, deep yellows, olive greens, and burnt oranges, although brightly colored mosaics can often be added to brighten up the kitchen as well. Even the flooring will have a natural flair, particularly if distressed woods or tiles made of slate, terra cotta, or stone are used.

The walls in a Tuscan-style kitchen will often set the theme. Typically, they should be roughly plastered or textured. Paint can be applied over the textured walls to give it an Old World appearance. Although the walls will normally be painted in earth tones, such as browns, yellows, oranges, and olive greens, they also can be much more ornate. Some kitchens have murals of the Italian countryside painted on the walls, for example, while others have stenciling that forms a rustic border. Crumbling brick or stone may also lend to the theme, if added along wall corners or at strategic places across the kitchen.


The accent pieces are also important in a Tuscan-style kitchen. Typically, accent pieces are made of distressed woods, wrought iron, and Old World metals. For example, a table and chair set may have wrought iron legs and a distressed wood top, or a stove may be made of wrought iron with copper accessories. Other items may be made of ceramic or terra cotta. Some people even choose to display bottles filled with infused olive oils or spices in their Tuscan-style kitchens. Faucets, wall sconces, lights, paper towel holders, and wine racks all can be made of rustic materials to complete the theme.

The flooring in a Tuscan-style kitchen may also help make the theme cohesive. For instance, wood floors might have a distressed farmhouse look to them. In the alternative, they may be made of rough slate, stone, or even terra cotta — again, a mosaic tile can also be used to accent these flooring pieces. If possible, the windows should be simple in design as well.

In all, a Tuscan-style kitchen should have the most natural feel, while still maintaining a rustic appearance. Hanging pots, displayed ceramic plates, a bowl full of earthy vegetables, and a full wine rack will all lend to the Tuscan feel. Pastels, floral patterns, and intricate designs should generally be avoided.


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