What is a Tripod Screen?

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A tripod screen is a projector screen that stands on its own through support of a tripod understructure. The screen is especially useful in situations where a person may need to make multiple presentations in various locations and not have any screen available. The tripod screen takes very little time to set up and break down.

The tripod screen works through a metal support structure. In most cases, the support structure can be detached from the tripod screen itself, and the screen may be able to be hung from a hook or some other tool. Like most tripods, the support structure usually folds up and may even telescope, getting taller or shorter depending on the need. This allows for easier portability.

In many cases tripod screens can be purchased in a number of different sizes, depending on your specific requirements. The projector screen, in most cases, will be square. However, it can be made the dimensions of a widescreen simply by not opening the screen as much vertically. The screens can cost anywhere from approximately $60 US Dollars (USD) to more than $200 USD.

One of the most common uses for a tripod screen is for business presentations. In many cases, businesspeople may be giving presentations in a board room that already has a tripod screen. In other cases, they may need to bring their own. Some tripod screens may come with a hard case suitable for air travel.


Other uses for a tripod screen include playing movies at parties and other functions where there may be many people. In such cases, a larger screen may be preferred, or it may be preferred to have the screen in a widescreen-like configuration. However, the square configuration will also work for most movies.

One of the important considerations with a tripod screen is weight. Due to the fact that the screens will likely be transported, this is an important consideration. In most cases, the weight will be prominently displayed on the packaging. However, while weight is very important, it should not be the only thing considered.

Many times, the weight of a tripod screen may be offset with cheaper, but lighter materials. Therefore, durability and sturdiness should also be considered when looking at screens. Reading online reviews of different models will give you a good idea of which models tend to last.


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