What Is a Travel Kettle?

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A travel kettle is an electric kettle designed for use while traveling. In comparison to a standard electric kettle, a travel kettle is typically lightweight, compact in size and may run on more than one voltage. Some travel kettles may also be sold with travel accessories, such as cups or covered bowls. In some cases, a travel kettle may have an enclosed heating element and be suitable for heating liquids and foods other than water.

For some people, the ability to heat water while traveling is important in order to prepare coffee, tea and other hot beverages and foods, such as soups. In some countries, an electric kettle is typically found in hotel rooms. This practice of including a kettle as a standard room amenity is not universal, however. In the United States, for example, hotel rooms are generally equipped with some type of coffee maker which does not always heat water to an appropriate temperature and may impart a coffee flavor to any water heated in it. As some electric kettles can be large, heavy and bulky, some manufacturers offer a specialized line of travel kettles to those who want to be assured of access to clean, hot water while traveling.


In many cases, a travel kettle is very similar to standard kettle designs. While some travel candles are made from metal, many are made from lightweight plastic to avoid weighing down the travelers luggage. A travel kettle may also be considerably smaller than standard kettles, suitable for heating two cups, or so, of liquid at a time. For international travelers, checking to see if the travel kettle will boil water on varying voltages is often a wise move. Travel kettles may either have an electrical cord attached or may be cordless. With the latter, the power supply for the kettle is typically encased in a stand onto which the kettle is placed, and the kettle's owner can easily lift the kettle off its stand to use it as necessary, returning it to its stand when more hot water is needed.

Some travel kettles come as a set with matching cups or bowls. These can be useful for travelers who may be staying at hotels that cannot provide these items, or for those who are camping. A travel kettle may also have additional features, such as variable temperature settings, automatic shutoff or a re-boil feature which periodically reheats water so that its owner can constantly refresh his tea.


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