What Is a Traffic Ticket Deferral?

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A traffic ticket deferral is a type of program that gives minor traffic offenders the opportunity to defer their traffic tickets. The implication of a traffic ticket deferral for the traffic offender is that the particular traffic violation will not be included in his or her driving record, which will benefit the offender in terms of having a clean driving record. A clean driving record has various benefits, including the payment of reduced premiums on car insurance and the benefit in terms of certain jobs that require a clean driving record. For this reason, the program is a positive one that also further serves as an incentive for the participants to maintain a good driving record.

Usually, when a motorist commits some sort of traffic infarction he or she may be eligible for participation in a traffic deferral program, depending on a number of factors. One of the factors is the judicial territory where the traffic infarction occurred and whether such a program is available. The qualification for a traffic ticket deferral program is also dependent on the type of infraction the offender committed, since some violations are not included as a basis for entering the traffic ticket deferral program. For example, some jurisdictions do not allow those who may have overtaken a school bus to participate in the program. Some jurisdictions also preclude those who lack any type of vehicle insurance or who speed in restricted speed areas like construction and school zones.


The offender is usually the one to request participation in the program. Relevant authorities will decide if the person is eligible based on the type of infraction, along with a consideration of his or her driving qualifications, because those who do not have a valid driver’s license or who have one from another state will generally not qualify to enter the program. Also, those who may have entered the program at some time within a stated time period will generally not be able to apply for the traffic ticket deferral program. When the offender indicates an interest in entering the program, he or she will have to follow the established administrative procedure, which will include filling out related paperwork and paying a stated amount in fees for participation in the traffic ticket deferral program.


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