What Is a Tower Vase?

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A tower vase is a tall, slender vase that is most often made out of glass. Often referred to as Eiffel tower vases, they have a unique shape that gives them a different profile than most vases. They have become a popular choice in creating interesting arrangements for weddings and other events. The appearance of a tower vase is the same across many manufacturers, but there are a few variations on the original version.

The inside of a tower vase consists of one slender cylinder. The unique shape of the vase comes from the four points that start at the top of the vase and create long lines all the way down the sides. These lines create a pillar-like frame around the cylindrical center. They curve out at the top and bottom to create something like a bell shape, with the bottom generally being quite a bit broader than the top.


A tower vase itself is rather striking, but it becomes even more so when flowers or other decorations are added to it. Tower vases are very popular as centerpieces and are often found as part of the decor for a wedding reception. Sometimes a broad ball of flowers and greens is created to look like it is perching atop the slender vase. The contrast between the wide arrangement and the narrow vase make the shape even more interesting. Another popular way to use a tower vase is to have a large plume of ostrich feathers coming out of the top.

Tower vases are most often made out of glass, but the material can range from clear acrylic to fine crystal. The material, of course, affects the price of the vase, and even within the realm of glass vases, the quality and price can differ greatly. Sometimes the inner cylinder of the vase is colored or frosted. The most common colors for tower vases are white, black, and completely clear, though some vendors may produce tower vases in other colors as well. Other colors are rarer, however.

In addition to added color choices, many people enjoy using lights to customize the look of their tower vases. Small LED lights, designed specifically for use in vases and arrangements can be found at event decor retailers. One of these lights can be placed inside the bottom of the vase, making the entire vase glow.


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