What is a Toilet Tank Cover?

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A toilet tank cover is a decorative cover that fits over the lid and tank of a toilet. This can be one of the best ways to breathe new life into an otherwise dull bathroom. These covers are made out of a wide variety of materials and can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be.

The toilet tank is the oblong or rectangular part behind the seat of your toilet that stores water prior to the flush. A handle on the outside of the toilet tank raises a flapper inside, which allows the water inside to escape, carrying away the waste inside. The lid on top of the tank provides access to the parts inside and keeps water from splashing out. This part of the toilet can be quite large, especially on older models. Some people like to use toielt tank decorations to hide or lessen the noticablility of the tank.

When most people think of toilet tank covers, they are thinking of a decorative cover that slips over the toilet tank lid. These are usually made of some type of synthetic material to better withstand the damp conditions of the bathroom. An elastic band around the edges of the toilet tank cover slips over the lip of the toilet tank lid, securing it in place. Less common are covers for the full toilet tank.


There are a number of toilet tank cover designs to choose from when it comes to bathroom decor. Children might enjoy whimsical ones featuring their favorite cartoon characters, while bathroom owners with an eye on style will prefer to stick with a toilet tank cover that fits in with the current color scheme in the bathroom. A toilet tank cover made from synthetic materials is fairly easy to clean; just drop it in the next wash load and dry according to manufacturer's instructions. If you don't find a toilet tank cover that fits your needs, you can create one yourself. There are a number of design patterns and ideas online that will give a budding designer more than enough ideas to choose from.

Replacing a toilet tank cover is simple. First, remove any objects that might be on top of the old cover, such as towels or toiletries. Slip a finger under the front corner of the cover and pull forward and upward. Once the first corner of the toilet tank cover is off the lid, the rest should slide off easily. Slip a new cover in place by first securing the rearmost corners and then pulling the cover tight over the lid.


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It would be nice if one could tell us where the hell to buy one at because it must be some american conspiracy or something because no company in this country sells them anymore! Check yourself, all you will see is the tank "lid" covers and the toilet seat covers, and that's it!

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