What is a Tie Clip?

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A tie clip is a small piece of men's jewelry used to keep a necktie attached to the underlying dress shirt. Tie clips are usually spring-loaded on one end to provide tension and slide horizontally across the tie for security. The front of a tie clip can be plain or decorated with small precious or semi-precious stones. Some tie clips are custom-designed to feature a company or club's logo, or a representation of other objects of interest to the wearer.

Tie clips should not be confused with other fasteners such as tie pins or tie clasps. Tie pins have a pin and backing design much like an earring, along with a chain and stem which are placed through the buttonhole of a dress shirt for anchoring. Tie pins must penetrate the fabric of the tie in order to keep it securely fastened. Over time this penetration can cause damage to the often expensive materials used in ties. Tie clips slide through both shirt and tie without penetration. The tension of the spring clip is usually light enough to prevent damage to the fabric.


Tie clips serve a very important function as well as being decorative. Men's ties are intended to cover the buttons of the dress shirt and provide a line of contrast and interest. Fashion experts often suggest that a properly selected tie conveys the wearer's personality. Unfortunately, the most expensive silk tie in the world cannot compete with wind and gravity. Ties can be blown out of place with a quick gust of air, and an unsecured tie can find its way into a paper shredder or other machine. A tie clip placed approximately two-thirds of the way down the front of a necktie can keep it secured through most situations.

In recent years, decorative tie clips have become popular gift ideas for shoppers on a budget. There is usually a wide variety of styles available and one size does indeed fit all ties. Owners of several neckties should also invest in functional tie clips for everyday occasions and several higher-end clips for formal events. Many times, tie clips are bundled with matching cufflinks.


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