What Is a Therapeutic Area?

Sandra Koehler

The body is a complex structure comprised of many multifaceted systems working in unison, similar to a highly tuned, well-oiled machine. In order to achieve maximum functioning, each component must work at its optimal level in accord with other parts and systems. When overall health is threatened by illnesses, disease processes, or injuries, the performance of the body can be threatened. The classification of problems — that is, the principles and ideas related to restoring optimal health — is often referred to as a therapeutic area.

Clinical trials and lab research are an integral part of the therapeutic area.
Clinical trials and lab research are an integral part of the therapeutic area.

The therapeutic area, much like the intricate workings of the body, can be separated into several different parts, including the category, the sphere, and the location of treatment. Each section can be further subdivided. Take, for example, the broad illness known as cancer. Proper care and treatment depend on factors such as the location of the lesion, the severity or progression of the disease, and the procedures or techniques available to either slow down the advancement of the disease or eradicate the cancer altogether. This is commonly referred to as a targeted therapeutic area.

In addition to treatment options, a therapeutic area relies extensively on specific therapeutic research devoted to investigate possible treatment options that may increase the chances of the recovery of health. In many cases, especially those instances when a disease process or health condition threatens both the overall health and the functioning of the body, the frequency of recurrence, or the chances of survival, clinical trials are an integral part of the therapeutic area.

Clinical trials refer to the research and development of new medications designed to aid in recovering normal body functioning. It is during clinical trials for a specific therapeutic area where these new drugs are tested so the data collected can be analyzed for safety and its efficiency in either decreasing symptoms of the illness or in its ability to destroy the effects the illness has on the body. Once enough information has been collected and examined through the use of precise lab research, the trials are often approved to be tested on human subjects.

The therapeutic area, however, is not limited to the type and usage of drugs to counteract the effects of the ailment. Surgical procedures in another component of treatment options explored and often utilized in the effort to repair or remove the affected area to aid in the recovery of overall health. Therapeutic services, such as the use of physical therapy, are another avenue employed to optimize overall health.

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