What is a Testosterone Patch?

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The testosterone patch is one of several forms of testosterone replacement therapy in regular use today. Patches are often the preferred method of augmenting any testosterone manufactured by the body, helping to bring testosterone levels back into a normal range. A testosterone patch is generally used in situations where some sort of trauma or injury has occurred that temporarily or permanently inhibits the body's ability to produce normal levels of testosterone on its own.

For many men and women who suffer with testosterone deficiency, the use of a testosterone patch is easily the most convenient approach to treatment. The patch is applied directly to the skin shortly after bathing and drying off. In general, a single patch can be worn for at least a day, with some patches formulated to be worn for longer periods. In order to facilitate the absorption of male hormones into the body, a patch usually has one or more chemical enhancers that expedite the ability of the testosterone treatment to permeate the skin without causing any type of irritability.


Because of the adhesive properties of most brands of the testosterone patch, the actual application is an easy process. In fact, the procedure is very much like applying an adhesive bandage to cover a sore or scratch. The outer rim of the patch is treated to adhere to the dry skin and create a secure but comfortable seal that keeps the patch in place for as long as necessary. For the most part, patients who use this type of testosterone therapy often forget they are wearing a patch during the course of the day.

Some of the transdermal testosterone patches are intended for application directly to the scrotum area. However, there are also a number of brands that are recommended for application to the upper arms, stomach, back, or thighs. For the most part, there is no difference in the efficacy of the patch based on where it is applied. Often, the choice of a particular testosterone patch has more to do with where it would be most convenient for the patient to apply and remove the patches during the course of treatment.

Because the amount of supplementation will vary from one patient to another, it is possible to use patches with a variety of dosages. A qualified physician can determine the proper dosage as well as how often the testosterone patch should be changed. Regular monitoring of current testosterone levels make it possible for the physician the dosage, a step that is very important as the body recovers from trauma and begins to produce more testosterone on its own.


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