What is a Technical Evaluation?

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Technical evaluations are processes that make it possible to evaluate the technical performance of any type of material, equipment, or product, and determine if they are suitable for their intended use. The same general approach can also be used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a system or process within the operation of a business or other institution, such as a branch of the military. In all situations, the idea behind the technical evaluation is to make sure the item under scrutiny has a level of technical suitability that meets basic standards, and thus ensures that the item will perform within the expectations of the user.

Depending on the type of product that is under investigation, the process of technical evaluation may be quick and easy, or prolonged and complicated. For example, an evaluation to determine if weaving machinery in a textile plant is consistently producing material with the right thread count, the process may involve nothing more than conducting random checks of each lot produced, and using equipment to determine both the thread count and the general density of the material produced. Assuming the material is within the standards that apply to the product, the machinery is considered suitable, as is the products produced by the machinery.


With other goods, the technical evaluation may be more intense. This is particularly true if the item in question is necessary for the protection of human life. A crash system in a vehicle will be extensively tested to ensure that the safety bags deploy and inflate at a rate that does provide cushioning for the occupants of the vehicle. In like manner, a military branch will subject fighter jets, tanks, and other devices used in military operations to a great deal of technical evaluation, to ensure all functions associated with the item are working efficiently, including providing an adequate level of safety for the operators.

In many nations, the process of technical evaluation must comply with standards set by the regulations put in place by the local or national government. Even in situations where there is no prevailing government standard that directly applies, chances are there are some general regulations to consider. In addition, many businesses will set standards that ensure compliance with government regulations, as well as exceeding any general standards that are developed within the industry that the company is associated with. Taking this approach helps to not only increase the chances that the system or product will be suitable, but also can help differentiate a product from products offered by competing companies.


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