What is a Swedish Translator?

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A Swedish translator is a person who translates between Swedish and another language. In addition to translating spoken Swedish, some Swedish translators also provide translation between Swedish Sign Language, known in Swedish as Teckenspråk, and other sign languages or spoken languages. Swedish translation services can be needed in a variety of settings, ranging from the Swedish courts to Swedish embassies overseas, where translators can provide assistance to Swedish citizens.

To become a Swedish translator, it is necessary to be fluent in Swedish and at least one other language. As with many languages, there are numerous dialects in Swedish. Familiarity and comfort with multiple dialects can be very useful for a Swedish translator. Translators can pursue certification from professional organizations, especially if they are offering specialty translation services, like medical or legal translation.

In courts, Swedish translators can provide translation for people interacting with the court system. In Sweden, people who do not speak Swedish are offered an interpreter by the court so that they understand the proceedings. Outside of Sweden, courts can bring in a Swedish translator for Swedish speakers who do not speak the language used in court. In addition to providing spoken interpretation, Swedish court translators can also assist with written documents.


Other avenues of employment for a Swedish translator can include translation in hospitals and medical clinics, translation for broadcast media, and translation of books to and from Swedish. Interpretation services are also needed for international events such as meetings of the United Nations, where simultaneous translation is used to provide instant translation services to anyone in need of them.

Translation requires fluency and facility in both languages. The translator must be able to capture the meaning of communications with precision, selecting appropriate words so that the intent of the communication is clear. This can sometimes be challenging when words and concepts that have no clear equivalents in another language or culture are used. Translators must also think about the needs of the audience and tailor their translations so that they are understandable and useful.

Teckenspråk translators can provide interpretation services to and from spoken and signed Swedish, as well as other signed and spoken languages. One common form of employment for translators who work in Swedish Sign Language is at events that organizers are trying to make accessible, such as lectures. A Teckenspråk can translate spoken Swedish into sign language for the benefit of deaf and hard of hearing attendees.


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