What Is a Strawberry Smoothie?

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Smoothies originated in America. The word “smoothie” has been used since 1906, however, the smoothie cold blender treat became popular in 1960, when a resurgence of the macrobiotic vegetarianism movement occurred. The strawberry smoothie is among the most popular smoothie flavors, often mixed with other fruits, which complement the sweet strawberry.

A smoothie is created in a blender with the dairy-based ingredients milk, ice cream and sometimes yogurt. Ice and fruit are added to give the mixture a cooler, more flavorful taste and texture. The varieties of fruit, ice cream and yogurt used in the smoothie depend on the tastes of the treat creator. Strawberry smoothie fans favor fruits and flavors, which complement the sweet, natural strawberry sugars. Fans of stronger drinks will add liquors such as rum to the blender.

The ice cream flavors vary from vanilla to fruit-based flavors. Banana ice cream complements sliced strawberries, but plain vanilla is most often used. The plain ice cream adds a stronger sugar taste to the strawberry smoothie without interfering with the natural taste of the fruit.

Yogurt flavors used in the strawberry smoothie are also most typically plain flavors, such as vanilla. The yogurt's purpose in the smoothie is to create a smoother texture, which balances the sharper ice and ice cream textures. A yogurt-based mixture also helps blend the fruit, reducing the rough texture of smoothies without yogurt.


Milk in smoothies is often used either in the yogurt's stead or as a fifty-fifty mixture with the yogurt. Using a low-fat milk variety reduces the fat content of the smoothie and the milk helps break apart the ice cream or yogurt enzymes. This leads to the breakdown and easier combination of the yogurt and ice cream, but may leave larger chunks of fruit. The strawberry smoothie will be slightly chunky when prepared with milk.

Fruit used in a strawberry smoothie depends on the taste of the smoothie creator; however, fruits such as kiwi or bananas best complement strawberries. The strawberry smoothie will taste sweeter when one of these fruits is added; both the banana and the kiwi help create a more potent strawberry flavor.

Rum is the most common ingredient in an alcoholic, adult strawberry smoothie beverage. The recipe is called a strawberry daiquiri and it is served in a wide-mouth glass with a strawberry garnish. The rum is added and sorbet replaces the ice cream to complement the alcohol. The porous strawberries absorb the rum to create a sweet beverage without a strong alcoholic aftertaste.


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