What is a Stone Sink?

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A stone sink is a bathroom or kitchen sink made from natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or onyx. Stone sinks are an alternative to porcelain or metal sinks. They add rich, natural color and texture to kitchens and bathrooms and can be complimented by different woods, metals and paint finishes in home decor. Stone sinks are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and styles.

A stone vessel sink is mounted above a countertop. This popular type of stone sink has a structured shape and often looks like a bowl. Some stone vessel sinks are smooth and polished inside, yet have the look of rugged rock on the outside. Stone vessel sinks may be embossed or carved with a pattern or have scalloped edges. Shell stone sinks have ruffled edges similar to some types of seashells.

Besides round and shell-shaped varieties, vessel stone sinks may be cylindrical or rectangular. The rectangular stone sink shapes are often very modern and stylized looking. For example, the corners may extend up past the sink's edge and the sides may be curved slightly inward.


Pedestal stone sinks have a stone column that supports the sink bowl. They are made to stand alone without any counter or cabinets. A pedestal stone sink often has a delicate appearance and features an ornately carved column to add style to the freestanding structure. Farm style stone sinks look very different from pedestal style sinks. They are large and rectangular and usually have surrounding countertop space plus cabinets underneath.

A granite stone sink is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it is known to be very stain resistant as well as less expensive than other types of stone sinks. Granite stone sinks may be rough or smooth in texture or may feature an interesting combination of textures. The natural stone colors of granite sinks are often dark and dramatic looking and tend to work well with stainless steel and modern decors.

Marble sinks are nearly as stain resistant as granite types. There are many beautiful shades of marble used to create sinks including whites, grays and reds. The marble's main color is usually enhanced by the naturally appearing veins of mineral deposits in the stone that give these sinks a desirable natural beauty in the home.

Travertine stone sinks are available in many different shades of brown from light beiges to pinkish-browns. They can add an earthy, natural look to kitchens and bathrooms. An onyx stone sink differs from other types of stone sinks in that its porous quality allows light to pass through. Bathroom and kitchen lighting can bring out the true beauty of onyx sinks. The many different colors of onyx stone sinks include warm honey browns, pale and dark greens and brownish-reds.


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