What is a Steam Shower Spa?

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A steam shower spa is a kind of luxury shower that may include a variety of features but is defined by components that create a steamy environment that is fully enclosed by glass, tile, or stone walls. Some models include walls that are made of manmade materials. In addition to being used for routine bathing purposes, a steam shower spa can also be used for relaxation and health. Some models even include benches so users may sit inside of the shower and enjoy the health benefits of the steam. While there are a variety of ways in which steam and water may enter a steam shower spa, it is common for these appliances to include jets for the steam in addition to separate shower heads.

Some models also include jets that can be used to massage the body with pulses of water. These jets may be set into the wall of the steam shower spa or they may be set into a tub that creates the base of the shower. Models that include tubs at the base of the shower are often large enough to accommodate two adults. The most high-end models may include entertainment options as well. Some are outfitted with televisions so that bathers may watch their favorite shows and movies while relaxing in the steam.


While there are various steam shower spa models, the most important feature of these appliances is their ability to hold in steam. While steam shower spas are not necessarily air tight, they are able to create good seals so that steam remains within the enclosed space. This keeps the steam from become too diffuse and, therefore, ineffective. Before using a steam shower spa, it is important to consult with a doctor as there are some health conditions that this appliance can aggravate.

Some people install steam shower spas when they are building their homes or when they are renovating. A steam shower spa might also be found in a luxury hotel suite or a high-end fitness center. Sometimes, an elite day spa will have a steam shower. The price of a steam shower spa depends on the size of the appliance and the features that it includes. Steam showers generally cost several thousand dollars.


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