What is a Steam Shower Sauna?

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A steam shower sauna is a bathroom feature that offers high heat and humidity to produce steam. It is typically a shower upgrade that many homeowners install as part of a bathroom remodeling project. Facilities such as health and fitness centers also often have these luxury steam showers. A steam shower sauna is typically set up as a walk-in enclosure. When installed in a private home, it is typically found in the corner of the bathroom.

While most steam shower saunas have all of the typical features of a conventional bathroom shower, they also have a steam enhancement. A steam shower sauna may be large or compact, and configured in various ways, with numerous settings. A large steam shower spa may be equipped with a seating area to accommodate more than one person. Seating typically includes a bench made from waterproof material.

Many people believe using the steam shower sauna has health benefits. It is believed that a steam shower sauna can provide relief from ailments such as sinus and nasal congestion and arthritis pain. Some people believe steam saunas also relieve stress-related issues, such as headaches and nervous tension.


Some saunas may be equipped with a soap caddy and electric towel rack warmer, as well as infrared lighting. A steam shower sauna typically utilizes a steam generator, as well as a heating component and drainer. Chrome is a common finish used for shower parts of the sauna, and brass may be used as well.

Many of the steam shower saunas feature a built-in timer. This allows the user to set the duration of his shower. Programmable temperature settings can be another feature of a steam shower sauna. This enables the user to set the temperature and level of steam according to personal preference. Some also feature a setting to control humidity.

Some steam shower saunas are made to be portable. Many are collapsible and can easily be moved and stored in a compact carrying bag or case. Portable steam baths are made for those who have limited space or who travel frequently. Most of these portable steam baths and showers can be used with essential oils and aromatherapy products.


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