What is a Squirrel Trap?

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Squirrels, although they are cute and fluffy, can become a nuisance if they take over your yard. Squirrels are notorious for entering gardens and stealing foods such as sweet corn, tomatoes, walnuts, pecans, and freshly planted seeds. They can also eat the exterior siding of houses and destroy the wiring by gnawing on it. The sounds of squirrels roaming the attic of your house can quickly becoming annoying. You can humanely capture these rodents and relocate them using a squirrel trap.

Purchase a live squirrel trap from a farm or garden supply store. They are usually made of wire mesh and have one spring-loaded door. These traps are available online as well. If you can't find a trap designed specifically for squirrels, a rabbit or rodent trap will work just fine.

Locate the squirrel's source of food to determine where to place the squirrel trap. For example, if the squirrels are stealing your corn on a regular basis, place the trap near the corn stalks. Setting out multiple traps will improve your chances of capturing these pests.


Capture the rodent's attention by baiting the squirrel trap without actually setting it. The bait used can be the same food you witness the squirrel eating regularly. You may also get results using peanut butter or unsalted walnut meats. Place the bait in the back of the trap so the squirrel has to enter all the way to access it. Leave the baited trap in place for about a week to allow the squirrel to get used to its presence.

After witnessing the animal entering the squirrel trap on a regular basis, it is time to set the spring-loaded trap. Replace the bait and set the trap according to the manufacturer's directions. Check the trap regularly to see if you have caught a squirrel. Release the animals away from the city. A park or other rural location would make the best habitat for the squirrels, but make sure it is at least 2 miles (3.21 km) away from your home to prevent it from returning.

If the squirrel trap is ineffective at controlling these pests, usually due to high numbers, you may need to hire a professional wildlife removal service. They specialize in trapping and removing large numbers of pests from your home and property. These services can also remove pests that are trapped in your chimney and attic. Visit for a list of professional squirrel trappers in your area. Don't bother with squirrel repellents, as they are dangerous to your pets and have been proven to be mostly ineffective against squirrel control.


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