What is a Sprinkler Pipe?

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A sprinkler pipe is a pipe which carries water to a sprinkler, such as a sprinkler in an irrigation system or fire suppression system. Sprinkler pipes are part of a larger pipe network which is used to deliver water efficiently to locations where it is needed. Many hardware and home supply stores carry pipe which can be used for sprinkler systems, although people should be aware that fire suppression systems have some special requirements and that it can be a good idea to retain a professional to install and maintain the system to ensure that it will work properly when it is needed.

In the world of farming and gardening, sprinkler pipes are part of an irrigation network used to deliver water to plants. The pipes may be buried underground or laid on the surface, depending on the climate and the preferences of the person doing the installation. Throughout the irrigation system, sprinkler pipes spur off the main pipe to supply water to individual sprinklers. People can control the delivery of water with various valves and separate piping systems to reduce waste.


PVC is a common material for sprinkler pipes, although other types of pipe can be used as well. The most common problem with sprinkler pipes is the failure of the pipe, which causes a leak and water loss. Fixing a broken sprinkler pipe involves locating the leak, turning the supply of water off, exposing the area of broken sprinkler pipe, cutting it out, and fitting in a new section. This task is not terribly challenging, but it is important to make sure that it is done properly to avoid creating more leaks in the system.

In a fire suppression system, sprinkler pipes supply water to individual sprinklers. The sprinklers can be activated in a variety of ways. Some turn on when a small glass tube inside the sprinkler is broken, others respond to smoke and flames which trigger fire alarms, and others can be turned on remotely for activation as well. Metal is commonly used for sprinkler pipes in a fire suppression system, and the metal is coated and protected to resist heat so that a sprinkler pipe will not fail in a fire.

In a fire suppression system, the sprinkler pipe needs to be capable of delivering tremendous amounts of water at very high pressure in a remarkably short period of time. As a result, they must be very strong, with solid connections, and it is a good idea to regularly inspect a fire suppression system to confirm that all of the components are in good shape and will work properly in the event of a fire.


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