What is a Spin Room?

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Spin rooms are an area that is designated for the gathering of individuals for the purpose of presenting a range of perceptions on a given subject or set of subjects. The most common application of the spin room is in the world of politics, although the technique is also commonly applied with the entertainment world and just about any situation that involved public figures.

The spin room derives its name from the actions that normally result from these types of gatherings. Generally, a central proponent of a given point of view is accompanied by a support team who shares the same perception. An opponent with a different view of the same issue usually is also present, along with a team of supporters. As a third component, there is a purportedly neutral group present. The goal of the process is to convince the neutral party that the perception, or spin, that is accepted by one of the camps is the most logical, practical, and appealing point of view. In short, the goal is to convince the neutral party that the spin of one group is superior to that of another group.


Political debates are an excellent example of the application of a spin room. The debate is an integral tool in just about any election campaign. Within this application, two individuals running for the same office will seek to convince a third party that each candidate has the most correct view of considered issues and is more worthy of election than the opponent. In some cases, the third party is members of the news media who are gathered to witness the debate. At other times, the third party may be citizens who are witnessing the debate, either in person or electronic means. The spin room can be the place where campaigns are won or lost, long before Election Day arrives.

A spin room situation does not have to be a public debate. A press conference can also qualify as a spin room, even if the candidates are not present. In this scenario, representatives of the candidates present the platform to a third party, answer questions, and in general speak for the candidates. As with any spin room approach, the point is to win additional adherents to the cause, and gain precedence over other points of view.


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