What is a Spa Gazebo?

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A spa gazebo is a decorative outdoor enclosure for your spa, jacuzzi, or hot tub that is a hexagonal, rectangular or square structure with vaulted roof, large open windows and an archway rather than a door. Standard spa gazebos range from 8 - 20 feet (2.4 - 6 meters) in diameter but can be much larger.

Traditional spa gazebos are made of red cedar and have single or two tiered roofs that are Victorian in style. The structures are so attractive that many people use them as garden pavilions placing benches or other furniture inside rather than a spa.

Though the traditional spa gazebo is an open structure there are also closed gazebos that feature Plexiglas windows that either slide or swing open, skylights, and single or double French doors. These gazebos are perfect for all seasons and are sometimes used as garden studios or workshops, in lieu of a spa house.

A cedar spa gazebo may or may not come with a floor. Some are even designed to install on the lip of your spa, particularly handy when the spa is already sitting on an outside deck. The gazebo brim extends the lip of the spa and the walls rise from there, like a large hat. The spa gazebo may have sliding doors and bronzed acrylic windows for privacy.


If you would like options other than cedar and don't mind an open design, another choice is a bamboo spa gazebo. Though less durable than cedar, bamboo spa gazebos add a tropical flair to any garden, are less expensive than cedar and are quicker to assemble. Note that most bamboo spa gazebos do not come with a floor.

Another alternate for spa gazebos is white PVC vinyl. These structures always look new and are virtually maintenance free. In come cases contrasting roofs in other colors are available. A Vinyl spa gazebo also does not feature a floor.

Finally, there is the durable aluminum spa gazebo. This spa gazebo has powder coat paint finishes in black or white and vaulted canopy roofs. Aside from the home, aluminum gazebos are often used for commercial properties like golf courses, hotels and restaurants.

Spa gazebos are most often sold in kits to be assembled by the buyer. A bamboo spa gazebo might be assembled in one afternoon, while it could take up to 4 days or more to assemble a larger or more complex cedar kit. Price ranges widely depending on the model and outlet, but the simplest open designs normally start at about $2,000 U.S. dollars while deluxe models can cost several thousand dollars.

A Spa gazebo adds a touch of class and grandeur to any backyard, and for many is well worth the money invested to build what is essentially a room around your jacuzzi or hot tub. Structures under 100 square feet (9.3 square meters) normally do not require a permit from the city to build, but check with your municipal offices for any regulations that might apply in your area.


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