What is a Spa Cover?

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A spa cover is a specially fitting cover that rests across the top of a spa or hot tub and completely covers the entire perimeter. Generally speaking, a spa cover is custom fitted for a particular make or model of spa or hot tub, but a replacement spa cover may be designed to fit several different makes and models. A spa cover is designed to be easy to remove and replace after use. Many spa covers are hinged in the middle to fold back for chemical maintenance without completely removing the cover.

The purpose of a spa cover applies mostly to spas or hot tubs housed outdoors. A spa cover helps to maintain the temperature setting of the water by not allowing heat to escape when the tub is not in use, thus reducing the amount of energy used by the heating mechanism and helping to prolong the life of the heater. A spa cover also helps prevent loss of chemicals through evaporation, making chemical maintenance easier and less frequently required.

For a spa or hot tub that is located outdoors, a spa cover protects the water from the elements and allows a spa to be used year round. Spa covers also significantly reduce the amount of foreign debris entering the water. Though heat loss and debris are not nearly as significant with an indoor spa or hot tub, a spa cover still serves many of the same purposes indoors as out.


A spa cover does not eliminate the need for proper maintenance and chemical balance. Even with a spa cover, the chemical balance of a spa should be checked regularly and always after heavy use. An improper chemical balance can allow for the growth of bacteria, which can thrive in the moist and hot conditions of a hot tub or spa. A spa cover, combined with proper chemical maintenance and routine mechanical maintenance, will extend the life of your spa. If you need a new or replacement spa cover, contact a local pool supply store for assistance in ordering a well fitting and properly designed cover for your spa.


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