What is a Slushie Machine?

G. Wiesen

A slushie machine is a kitchen gadget used to make shaved ice to which flavored syrup is added to create a cold treat. The shaved ice gives the creation a texture similar to ice cream or frozen yogurt, but with a bit more crispness. It resembles slush that might be seen after rain partially melts snow and ice into a mixture of frozen and unfrozen water. The slushie machine allows the easy creation of such slush and provides the user with the opportunity to flavor the snack.

Crushed ice or ice cubes are inserted into a slushie machine to make a slushie.
Crushed ice or ice cubes are inserted into a slushie machine to make a slushie.

Slushie machines are usually about the same size as a blender and can similarly sit upon a countertop, bar, or table. The machines typically allow a user to insert crushed ice or ice cubes, water, and sometimes salt to make the perfect texture for the slush. A user can then add flavored syrup, juice, or beverages to add whatever taste he or she prefers. Such slushies are often seen as a great way to cool down on hot days, especially outdoors where there is less fear of messes from sticky, melting ice.

Sometimes referred to as Slushees, these beverages are often held in high regard by children or in the memories of those who enjoyed the drinks when they were younger. A slushie machine allows someone to utilize the small kitchen appliance to create slushies in his or her own home. Similar frozen drinks that come from convenience stores often have a slightly different texture and may be smoother, but they require expensive machines that use carbon dioxide. The home versions of such machines may produce a slightly different product, but it is usually very nearly as good and quite a bit cheaper to own and operate.

Such homemade beverages from a slushie machine can also be somewhat healthier than other frozen treats such as ice cream and ice pops. While flavoring the slushies with syrups and soda may introduce a great deal of sugar, using fruit juices would be healthier and flavorful. Home slushie machines allow the user to choose how to flavor the slush, and since there is no milk used in the process, it is a fat-free treat and a fine option for anyone who is lactose-intolerant. A slushie machine could also be used in conjunction with a food processor or blender to create fresh fruit juice and then use the juice to flavor the slushie, creating a healthy and delicious summer drink.

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