What is a Slide Board?

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The slide board is a type of exercise equipment that can be used in a number of different fitness training routines. The name for the board comes from the fact that the length of the device can be adjusted for a better fit, based on the size of the individual working out or the type of exercise routines in use. While there are number of commercially produced slide boards, it is also possible to construct one with relative ease.

Soccer players often train with a slide board.
Soccer players often train with a slide board.

In construction, a slide board is normally seven feet (2.13m) long and features end blocks at one end of the device. The length of the board can be adjusted downward to accommodate the height of the individual as well as adapt the surface for various types of workout routines. For the most part, a slide board will be anywhere between a quarter to a half-inch (0.635cm to 1.27cm) thick, making the device light enough to reposition when necessary.

Aerobics is only one of the many routines that can be enhanced with the use of a slide board. Along with exercises to promote general toning and definition, the device can also be used to aid in routines that promote the development of upper body strength. A slide board helps with enhancing agility, balance, and flexibility of the arms and legs. Using the board as part of a skate simulator workout can effectively work most of the major muscle groups all over the body. Because of the wide range of uses, people who engage in sports as diverse as javelin throwing to soccer can benefit from using the board.

A slide board is not only useful with sports training efforts. The board can also be a helpful tool when it comes to rehabilitation after an accident or an extended illness. Slide boarding exercises can be used to provide a challenging glute workout as well as promote flexibility in the arms and legs. While using the board for a leg workout is more common than working on arm mobility, the fact that aerobic exercises can be performed using the device can also help restore proper balance and range of movement to the shoulders and arms.

Purchasing this simple but effective lateral exercise trainer is relatively easy. Many sporting goods stores that sell exercise equipment will carry several makes and models of the slide board. Many of the boards come with instruction manuals that help consumers learn how to use the board to work specific muscle groups, as well as how to maintain the device properly.

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A slide board is not to be confused with SlydeBoard which is an android input device!


one of the best workouts, in my opinion, for my legs. i love it!

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