What is a Skeletal System Diagram?

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A skeletal system diagram is an illustration of the skeletal system of an animal, often with the individual bones labeled. This type of diagram is used in science classes, especially those involving biology or anatomy and physiology, though it can also be used in artistic classes for examination of the human form. The names of the different bones can also be left blank, typically for use in tests in which students must write in the names of each bone to demonstrate knowledge of the skeleton. A skeletal system diagram is typically created for the human body and skeleton, though they can be used to illustrate the skeletons of other animals as well.

There are different ways in which a skeletal system diagram can be created. They will typically have a visual depiction of a skeleton, though this can be done as a drawing or as a photograph of a skeleton. The outer skin, organs, and layers of muscle are typically not depicted in these types of diagrams, though sometimes there will be a rough indication of the body to demonstrate the scale of bones in relation to a person’s entire form.


While only one image is technically necessary for an accurate skeletal system diagram, many depictions will include multiple images to convey more information. Two full skeletons, for example, are often illustrated, with one showing the front of the skeleton and the other showing the back. This allows for easier labeling of bones that are most visible from the back, such as the scapula.

A skeletal system diagram will also often have additional illustrations showing closer views of particular areas of the body, such as the head and hands. This can make it easier for these areas with many smaller bones to be illustrated with greater detail. The hands of a person, for example, have many small bones in them with different names, such as carpals and metacarpals, for each bone in the fingers.

Though a skeletal system diagram is typically used for illustrating the various bones in the human body, one can also be used for other animals. A student studying the anatomy of a jungle cat, for example, could utilize a skeletal system diagram for a jaguar to see the different bones in the legs and the ways in which the skull of such a cat differs from a human skull. These types of diagrams are often used by artists who want to more realistically depict a person or animal, since understanding the bones within a person can make it easier to understand how people move.


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