What is a Single Person Cooker?

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Touted as being one of the hottest innovations in kitchen appliances since the microwave oven, the single person cooker is a compact cooking devise. The single person cooker is designed to encourage singles and people who live in small spaces to prepare food at home. Single person cookers open the door to eating healthy foods rather than constantly relying on eating out or stopping by fast food restaurants.

While some people are referring to the single person cooker as nothing more than the latest concept gadget to come down the road, others are finding the device to be both functional and practical. The design for the cooker is simple, but manages to capture a lot of utility in a very small space. Included in the unit is a hob, cooking utensils, and a chopping board. All the components included in the single person cooker combine into one simple contained unit, making it ideal for use in the small kitchenettes found in efficiency apartments.


One feature that tends to distinguish the single person cooker from other space saving devices is the inclusion of a Wi-Fi connection with the unit. The connection makes it possible to access and display a wide range of recipes that appeal to many different tastes. Part of the benefit to this connection is that people who need to follow restricted diets can locate easy to prepare recipes without a great deal of trouble. In addition, the single person cooker eliminates the need to purchase and store a collection of cookbooks in a space that is already limited.

The single person cooker is the brainchild of Alex Bradley, who designed each component that makes up the cooker. Created to be used mainly by singles or persons who want to take along a small preparation surface on camping trips and other weekend activities, the cooker requires no special equipment or skill level in order to be useful. With its modular construction, stain resistant surface, and portability, the single person cooker could very well entice more people to prepare meals at home.


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