What is a Silicone Sheet?

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A silicone sheet is used to reduce the size, color, and thickness of scars. It is a self-adhesive strip of silicone applied over a broad range of scars. Studies have shown silicone sheet treatment to be effective on new, post-surgery scars, as well as old scars, like burns or scrapes. This process should start working in approximately four weeks, and by 12 weeks have full results. Studies do not have a definitive answer as to how the silicone sheet works, but it has become widely used and recommended by doctors.

It is thought that the effectiveness of silicone sheets is due to their ability to mimic a person's natural ability to moisten the affected skin. This in turn softens the scar, helping it blend in with the surrounding skin. The strips have been proven effective in clinical studies, and are widely recommended for plastic surgery scars, as well as old scars. The strips work for all skin colors and types.

Most of the silicone strips on the market are sold over the counter. This means they can be bought from almost any drugstore or supermarket in the bandage aisle. The Internet provides a very large selection in many variations and prices. These strips can be used alone or in conjunction with other scar-repairing medications.

The best way to decide what product is the best choice or how and when it should be used is to consult a dermatologist. If it is being used after surgery, always speak with the medical staff that performed the procedure before going out and buying the product. This ensures the best medical advice for the particular scar being treated.

Silicone strips have been proved to help heal scars that already exist. These strips have not been proved to heal wounds, however, so a person using this product should only use it for cosmetic scar removal. That means a person should consider using it after a wound has healed and a mark is observable.

Studies have not been as promising on the use of the silicone sheet for acne scars. Acne scars are indentations or pocks, and softening them has not been shown to be effective. A doctor should always be consulted for professional advice on any scar before treatment.

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