What is a Short Stay Apartment?

Donn Saylor

A short stay apartment is a furnished apartment unit that is rented out for days or weeks. These apartments are popular with traveling businesspeople as they allow them to stay in a home-like environment while away from home. Given the fact that the cost of many short stay apartments is significantly less than hotels, these apartment types have also become popular with tourists seeking a more self-catering, more economical vacation property.

Short-stay apartments are fully furnished dwellings usually rented out temporarily for days or weeks.
Short-stay apartments are fully furnished dwellings usually rented out temporarily for days or weeks.

Sometimes called an apartment hotel, short stay apartments come in a variety of styles to suit most any taste. Some are small efficiency units that meet the basic needs of the traveler. Others contain full kitchens, living and dining areas, and bedrooms. Luxury options may include any number of additional perks, such as penthouse units; in-building pools or gyms; and balconies, patios, or private yards.

A short stay apartment offers many of the same benefits as a hotel while allowing travelers a greater degree of autonomy and privacy. Many units will provide cleaning services, as well as access to property managers so that any maintenance concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. Since most short stay apartments are high-rise buildings located in major metropolitan areas, security services are also generally included in the rental price.

One of the biggest advantages cited by both business and leisure travelers who utilize these apartments is the ability to have a home base in a strange city. Travelers enjoy the added benefit of being able to have friends over, host dinner parties, or hold business meetings in the comfort and privacy of their own personal space. A short stay apartment can help a traveler thousands of miles from home feel like less of a stranger in a new location.

The cost of a short stay apartment is considerably less expensive than a hotel. While most hotels charge by the number of people occupying a room, short stay apartments typically charge one flat rental rate for the unit, regardless of the number of guests. Many short term units offer discounts for extended periods of stay.

A short term apartment comes fully furnished and equipped with all the necessities a traveler will need. Furniture, a television, cooking and dining utensils, and bedding are all usually included. Luxury short term apartments might offer even more furnishings and services, such as DVD players and stereo systems, high speed Internet, Jacuzzi tubs, dishwashers, hairdryers, and laundry service.

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