What is a Shoe Bag?

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Shoe bags are handy devices that can be used to store and transport pairs of shoes. Available in different sizes, colors and styles, the bags are designed to protect shoes while also taking up less space in luggage, gym bags, or closets. While it is possible to spend a great deal of money on a shoe bag, there are a number of inexpensive brands that are durable and will last for a number of years.

One of the main applications for a shoe bag is to protect shoes during travel. A travel shoe bag is usually padded and may include individual compartments for each shoe. Travel shoe bags are usually constructed with a zipper to open and close the bags easily, although some brands use a drawstring instead. In general, shoe bags of this type will tuck easily into the corner of a suitcase or garment bag, keeping the shoes from becoming scuffed during the trip.

There are also bags made to store and protect shoes designed for use in different sports. One example is the golf shoe bag. As with the travel bags, the golf shoe bag is likely to include padding that protects the shoes from scuffing when not in use. Bags of this type will fit easily into a gym bag, making it practical to take them along to sporting events or when visiting a health club.


The use of shoe bags at home is also very common. One advantage of using the bags for home storage is that they take up less space than traditional shoeboxes. In addition, a shoe bag will also prevent the two shoes from rubbing against one another, thus protecting the material and the grain over long periods of time. People who travel frequently find the use of shoe bags at home particularly efficient, since it is possible to simply grab the bag from the closet and place it directly into the suitcase or other piece of luggage.

There are a number of different retail outlets where shoe bags can be purchased. Many shoe stores will carry at least one line of bags, often providing different colors and materials for customers to choose from. Discount retail stores also tend to carry budget priced shoe bags that are durable as well as affordable. Health clubs and country clubs are also likely to carry at least one brand of shoe bag in their gift shops. If you do not find a shoe bag that is to your liking in local stores, it is also possible to order different designs and brands of the bags online.


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Post 4

Once I started working out at the gym on a regular basis, I started storing my running shoes in a bag.

The only time I wear these shoes is when I am working out and wanted to keep them separate and protected.

Before this, I had the habit of shoving everything into my gym bag. Those clothes and shoes can get pretty stinky if I forget about them, so I started storing my shoes separately.

The shoe bag itself doesn't take up much room, and with keeping my shoes in their own bag, I can quickly find them and take them wherever I am going.

Post 3

I never used to use a shoe bag when I traveled until I received one as a gift. At first I wondered if I would really use it, but have found that I like keeping my shoes separate from the rest of the items in my suitcase.

I never use a shoe storage bag for my shoes at home. I prefer to keep the original boxes the shoes come in.

I have found this an easier way to keep the shoes stacked and organized. I love shoes, so have more pairs than I need.

If I kept them in bags, it would get kind of expensive. I would also get tired of wondering which pair of shoes are in which bag.

With storing my shoes in their boxes, I know at a glance which pair of shoes are in the box.

Post 2

I keep a simple black shoe bag inside my suitcase so I know where it is when I am ready to travel.

This is a drawstring bag is slightly padded and does a good job of protecting my shoes. Since I have small feet, I can usually fit 2 pairs of shoes inside one bag.

This bag has a little bit of padding which is also nice so my shoes don't get smashed inside my suitcase.

It seems to take up more room that just throwing your shoes in the suitcase, so I only use one of them per suitcase.

Post 1

My husband travels a lot for his job and likes to keep his dress shoes looking nice. He uses a shoe bag that has an inner divider in it to keep his shoes from rubbing together.

This is also a great way to keep your shoes from getting your clothes dirty in your suitcase. It serves the purpose of protecting your shoes as well as your clothes.

The only problem is that my husband has large feet and most shoe bags will only fit up to a size 12. Depending on the style of shoe, most of the shoe bags are too small for his shoes to fit in.

When he found a shoe bag that was big enough for his dress shoes, he bought more than one of them so he would always have a spare. Before that, the shoe bags he was using left a little bit of his shoes exposed.

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