What Is a Shaving Cream Dispenser?

Lori Kilchermann

A shaving cream dispenser is a device used to dispense shaving cream that is used as a lubrication for shaving. Both warm and room-temperature dispensers are available. The type of shaving cream used with a shaving cream dispenser can be either a store-purchased aerosol can of shaving cream or a liquid or powder mix purchased specifically for the type of dispenser being used. With a heated shaving cream dispenser, the user is able to preset the machine to dispense the shaving cream or gel at nearly any temperature, from warm to very hot. When using an aerosol can in a heated dispenser, it is commonly advised to avoid allowing the can to remain heated for long periods of time.

Shaving cream.
Shaving cream.

When it comes to shaving, many people prefer a hot lather style of shaving cream typically offered at the family barbershop rather than the aerosol can sitting in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Fortunately, this preferred type of shave can occur in the home providing a person has a hot shaving cream dispenser. Most modern designs use a can of aerosol shaving cream or gel that is simply placed into the shaving cream dispenser. The dispenser is plugged into an electrical outlet, and in minutes, warm to hot shaving cream is ready to apply to the area to be shaved.

Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.
Warm shaving cream can make leg shaving more comfortable.

For those who wish to experience a real old-fashioned hot shave, there are shaving powder and liquids that can be mixed and placed inside of an authentic shaving cream dispenser. The original dispensers used a powder or liquid type of shaving cream product that was typically mixed with water or olive oil and then dispensed as a very warm, thick lather. Some of the earliest models used compressed air to push the lather up and out of the dispenser. A small, hand-operated pump was designed into the dispenser and was used to provide the expulsion properties of the dispenser.

Some barbers preferred the shaving cream dispenser over the older design, which consisted of a shaving cup and application brush. The barber would place shaving cream powder or liquid into the cup and add hot water. The brush was used to stir the mixture into a rich lather and then brush the warm cream onto the customer's face. The problem with this is that the barber was forced to mix a batch of shaving cream for every customer. The shaving cream dispenser allowed the barber to mix a large quantity of shaving lather and then use it periodically throughout the day.

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